Socialism podcast: The outlook for class struggle in 2021

Latest Socialism podcast: The outlook for class struggle in Britain in 2021

The pandemic was a world-shattering turning point. All the weaknesses of capitalism were laid bare in 2020. But in few countries more so than Britain.

The nightmare which began in 2020 has not been limited to public health, but has infected the already-ailing world economy – with British capitalism the worst hit of all the major capitalist powers.

Working-class and young people have already suffered hugely as the bosses try to pass on the pain. The bare-bones Brexit deal will only make things worse for Britain’s capitalist rulers.

Boris Johnson’s Tory government has been completely exposed for its incompetence and craven defence of profit over lives.

But Keir Starmer’s Labour offers no opposition whatsoever. Britain’s working class has no political voice – and desperately needs to build for a new, independent, mass workers’ party.

Already this year, the trade unions have overturned the government by forcing part-closure of schools.

And young people showed they are ready to explode in protest in last year’s Black Lives Matter movement.

British capitalism is not well. Meanwhile, Britain’s working class is angry – but lacks political organisation and leadership.

This episode of Socialism look at Britain in 2021: a new era of capitalist crisis.
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