How you can amplify the Socialist’s voice

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How can you increase our reach?

How can you increase our reach?   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Ian Pattison, The Socialist campaign organiser

We would like you to subscribe to the Socialist. And if you already subscribe, can you get your friends, family and workmates to do the same?

New people are already subscribing to the Socialist every day. And no wonder. Throughout the Covid pandemic, Boris Johnson’s Tories have tried to tell us we’re all in it together. But working-class people no longer believe it.

The world’s ten richest individuals have increased their wealth by £400 billion during the pandemic, while the 15 richest hedge fund managers made £16.9 billion in 2020.

But for the rest of us in Britain, 12 million are struggling to pay the bills. Working-class people are more likely to be working on the frontline, and more than twice as likely to die from coronavirus.

The Socialist exposes this inequality, and puts forward a programme to change it. And it is working-class people themselves that fill our pages.

Our articles on the NHS are written by nurses and other NHS workers. Teachers and school activists wrote about the National Education Union (NEU) campaign which stopped unsafe schools fully reopening in January. And our condemnation of the free school meals scandal was written by parents of children who use them.

We want to keep going, and the small price of a subscription helps us do that. This money is especially important for us during lockdown when we can’t go out and sell the Socialist the way we usually do.

You can get the Socialist delivered to your door, or as an e-subscription if you prefer. Every new direct debit subscriber can also choose from a range of free books.

We just want as many people as possible to hear our socialist ideas; help us to do that.

Build independent workers’ media with May Day greetings

Scott Jones, May Day greetings campaign organiser

The working class needs its own independent media to represent its own interests. During the pandemic the Socialist has campaigned to ensure workers have been protected, paid and made the priority – instead of the bosses and their profits.

It’s clear that the rest of the media have not done this and either repeated misinformation or only put forward one side of the pandemic. We need organised workers to support the alternative – the Socialist newspaper.

Globally, the capitalist establishment has been rocked by mass popular uprisings and shown itself incapable of dealing with Covid-19. In Britain, the need for organised workers’ action against the Tories and in our interests couldn’t be clearer.

Which paper details a fighting industrial strategy to keep workers safe and rewarded for all the sacrifices and work we have made? Who explains how councils can set budgets that defy the Tory cuts? Where can you read about the practical programme needed to reconstitute a mass party for working-class political representation? The Socialist.

We report and discuss strategy for the strikes and struggles the bosses’ media attacks or ignores. So celebrate International Workers’ Day 2021 by sending May Day greetings to help fund the Socialist.

Socialist sellers and readers should use a sign-up sheet to ask colleagues for contributions to a workplace greeting. Visit the strikers the Socialist has supported to ask for a greeting as well.

Trade unionists should propose a motion for May Day greetings to their union branch or committee. Make sure you send it now! The deadline for a 20% discount is full payment by 31 March – and the final deadline for greetings is 14 April.

More and more young people have moved into action in the last year, like the rent strikers at universities. Groups of supportive students should campaign for funds to send a greeting. Community campaigns too, on every issue where the working class is fighting.

Get organising

But it’s crucial that you start now. Select an organiser in your region, trade union group or Socialist Party branch. List who you want to ask for greetings. And schedule the time to campaign for the funds.

2020 was another record breaker and was achieved during the first lockdown and start of the Covid pandemic. Any group of workers or campaigners which wants to help fund us is welcome – our minimum price is negotiable if needed.

But the tasks facing socialists and workers are mounting. We must build on our successes again. Let’s get those greetings in!

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