Vote for the Broad Left Network

PCS Broad Left Network is a new grouping within the union's Left Unity group

PCS Broad Left Network is a new grouping within the union’s Left Unity group   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

An HMRC worker

PCS members in the HMRC are being balloted on a divisive and retrograde pay deal. The ballot period is 11-26 February.

The pay deal, which is for 13% over three years, requires all staff to accept a new contract. This significantly worsens conditions for a large number of members, but this has not been made clear to members, despite the fact that the ballot has started.

The deal is being recommended by the PCS Left Unity national leadership. The Left Unity leadership in HMRC itself is making no recommendation.

The Broad Left Network – the socialist rank-and-file group in the union – rejects the deal and is campaigning for a ‘no’ vote.

The ballot on this pay deal comes at a time when the PCS 2021 election process has begun. The Broad Left Network slate for president and national executive committee is set out below. It includes six candidates from HMRC who reject the pay deal and are campaigning for a ‘no’ vote.

We call upon all socialists in PCS to nominate the Broad Left Network slate and fight to reject the proposed HMRC pay deal. Unite behind the Broad Left Network demand for a national campaign to secure a decent – not less than 10% – no strings pay increase for all PCS members.

PCS Broad Left Network election candidates – vote for the following


  • Lloyd Marion: (BEIS)


  • Brittle Fiona: (Scot Gov)
  • Brown Sarah: (Met Police)
  • Semple Dave: (DWP)

National Executive Committee:

  • Bartlett Dave: MOJ
  • Borland Rebecca: Home Office
  • Brittle Fiona: Scot Gov
  • Brown Alex: Health
  • Brown Sarah: Met Police
  • Denman Kevin Met Police
  • Dennis Alan DSG
  • Foxton Gill: DfE
  • Francis Sue BEIS
  • Guinnane Paul: DfE
  • Heemskerk Rachel: DWP
  • Lloyd Marion: BEIS
  • Lowry Tom: DWP
  • Parker Nick BEIS
  • Rees Dave DWP
  • Ritchie Rob: Met Police
  • Semple Dave DWP
  • Suter Paul DWP
  • Tweedale Saorsa-Amatheia DWP
  • Williams Katrine DWP
  • Worswick Craig: DWP
  • Young Colin DfE
  • Bridges Andi: HMRC
  • Davies Jamie: HMRC
  • Doyle Nick: HMRC
  • McDougall Rachelle: HMRC
  • Rosser Jon-Paul: HMRC
  • Young Bobby: HMRC