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The Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced on 12 May that the threatened industrial action ballot over compulsory redundancies, site closures and attacks on terms and conditions in BT, EE and Openreach will be put on hold until the beginning of June as the employers have invited the union into talks.

Despite what many see as prevarication of the union leadership, the resolve among the majority of CWU members affected has remained firm.

The employers should be in no doubt that members feel very strongly about this attack on their jobs and livelihoods.

It remains to be seen if the employers’ move is in response to undoubted anger at the attacks on workers’ job security and livelihoods, or whether they are stalling for time, hoping that membership resolve will weaken.

The union should be absolutely clear that the ballot is not just a bargaining chip, but a means to defend the members from predatory employers and will only be scrapped if all of the offending proposals are withdrawn.

Clive Walder, CWU Midlands No1 branch (personal capacity)