Coventry stall 12 June 2021

Coventry stall 12 June 2021   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Adam Harmsworth, Coventry Socialist Party

The Socialist Party is out campaigning against parking charges at University Hospital Coventry, while promoting the NHS protest on 3 July. We have had a fantastic response from the community.

On 5 June, we got around 100 signatures in just two hours. On 12 June, people queued to sign the petition, including a dozen NHS workers. It was non-stop.

That builds on the over 4,000 signatures we already have. People hate the parking charges. All we hear is: “Disgusting; ridiculous; daylight robbery; sick; greedy bastards.”

One woman today told us when she had her baby she had to pay charges of £150. A nurse told us she pays £50 a month to park at work.

It is absolutely clear that the public overwhelmingly rejects the idea of charging to park at the hospital, and the PFI privatisation that brought them about, while they clearly support the NHS and its workers.

  • End all hospital parking charges
  • End all PFI schemes and privatisation, renationalise the NHS
  • A 15% pay rise for all NHS workers
  • For a fully funded, socialist NHS