Socialism 2021 , photo Socialist Party

Socialism 2021 , photo Socialist Party   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, Socialism 2021 organiser

Everywhere you look there is proof of the inability of capitalism to solve the huge problems faced by humanity. Capitalism condemns us to things getting worse.

Covid showed us we can’t trust the big business bosses with our lives or livelihoods. The pre-existing inequalities inherent to capitalism have meant that the poorest and most oppressed have suffered more during the pandemic.

Anger is growing, and all across the world workers and young people are rising against all the symptoms of this rotten capitalist system. The need for mass struggle poses the question of how to organise.

At Socialism 2021, we will look at the political situation facing the working class today – in which Keir Starmer’s Labour, and the scale of job losses and attacks, makes the building of a new working-class political voice and fighting trade unions necessary.

Socialism 2021 will include discussion on how a socialist society would be able, through democratic planning of the economy by the working class, to provide decent jobs, homes, services, a future for everyone, and protect the environment.

Get tickets now – before prices may have to go up

The Socialist Party is organising Socialism 2021, because there is more need for discussion on socialist ideas to change the world than ever. We will make it happen in the best way that the situation allows. So until we know more about venue availability and cost, you can buy tickets at the 2020 rates!

If and when we can book venues, we may have to increase the prices. But those who have already bought tickets will not be required to pay more – unless we are able to also offer an overnight event with accommodation, for which we will charge a supplement.