Brush picket line 13 July, photo Steve Score

Brush picket line 13 July, photo Steve Score   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Unite members at Brush Electrics are now eight weeks into their strike against ‘fire and rehire.’ Their pay and conditions are being devastated by the contracts being imposed on the workers under the threat of ‘sign or be sacked’.

Dale Clarke, Unite rep, spoke to the Socialist on the picket line: “We are going through an appeals process to overturn the decision, but that’s highly unlikely as it’s a director who is doing the appeals! The last of those meetings is on 21 July, they will then give us an outcome, and after that we will be given 72 hours to sign or be fired.

“We attempted to negotiate again with the management following the change of ownership of Brush Electrical to One Equity Partners, but they refused to change any part of the contract. We finally got a response from One Equity to say they were quite happy with what Brush is doing.

“We will continue picketing and plan to leaflet in Loughborough.”

Steve Score, Leicester Socialist Party

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