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James Leach, Birmingham South West Socialist Party

After a decade of Tory austerity and a global pandemic threatening millions of jobs, young people are more vulnerable than ever.

In Birmingham young people have been hit hard by Covid-austerity and the anarchy of the capitalist economy.

In June 2020, unemployment had risen 14.5% – a spike higher than any other English city.

Whether we pursue apprenticeships, and face the insult of £4.30 an hour wage, or choose university, where we can rack up masses of debt, before entering a job market dominated by the instability of zero-hour contracts – it feels as if there is no way forward.

Rich landlords are profiting off charging extortionate rents for small, dilapidated living spaces. There is a capitalist ceiling hanging low over our futures, and it will take a determined socialist programme to smash it.

The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign has the programme to secure youth a brighter future. In towns and cities, we are organising youth marches for 9 October.

The Socialist Party, Young Socialists, Socialist Students and Youth Fight for Jobs, will be organising a march in Birmingham on 9 October, campaigning to stop the billionaire class robbing the future from working class youth.