Youth fight for jobs on the Jarrow March in 2011. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Youth fight for jobs on the Jarrow March in 2011. Photo: Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Evan Vaughan, Swansea Socialist Party

The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign has been relaunched, ready to fight the slew of job losses expected to come down the pipeline after the furlough scheme ends. This follows the ending of the eviction ban.

That has been replaced by longer eviction notices, a pathetic attempt to prevent the hardship coming to workers. With the support of unions, we can build a movement to prevent the onslaught.

Wales is already preparing for the 9 October. We have marches planned in both Swansea and Cardiff for that day. We are building support for the marches with the trades council, allowing us to reach the broader labour movement.

To build for these marches, we have been handing out material on the street. We distributed leaflets and also did speeches at an all-Wales youth stall in Cardiff. We had a great response from the public. Many sympathised with the call for a £12 minimum wage, as a step towards £15, and more council houses.

In particular, young workers, who have borne the brunt of the economic catastrophe while the Tories enriched themselves, resonated the most with our demands. We also have a competition to develop material to distribute once students are back on campus, showcasing the varied abilities of our newer members.