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Big polluters’ profits

Shell and BP have a carbon footprint five times bigger than that of Britain. Together they produce 1.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Together they have paid zero corporation tax on oil and gas production in the North Sea for three years. In the same period they have paid out £44 billion in dividends to shareholders.

Hooked on coal

20 of the world’s richest nations that make up the G20 are responsible for 78% of greenhouse gas emissions. Coal-fired power plants are the largest contributor to global CO2 emissions. When the G20 met ahead of COP26, they failed to agree a plan to phase out existing plants.

Empty promises

Global leaders at COP26 have agreed a deal to stop and reverse deforestation. This would be great news, if there was any guarantee it would actually happen. Similar promises were made by leaders at a 2014 conference in New York. Since then deforestation has not even slowed down.

No trust in capitalism

Capitalist politicians cannot be trusted to save the planet. In competition with each other to ensure maximum profits for their own nations’ boss class, they are unwilling to agree necessary measures, or be held accountable to them. Only a socialist plan based on taking the world’s resources into democratic public ownership, with collaboration internationally, can save the planet from climate destruction.