Why am I coming to Socialism 2021?

Best event to bring us together to fight for socialism

Socialism 2021 , photo Socialist Party

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Julija Rusevica, South West London Socialist Party

You might have heard a lot about the Socialism 2021 event – 19-21 November. We talk about it at every Socialist Party meeting.

We’ve had many different flyers and posters for Socialism 2021, and my partner has heard me saying “Socialism 2021” so many times that it is slowly becoming an inside joke. However, it’s an inspiring event, and I’m looking forward to going there, learning new things and sharing my thoughts.

One workshop which resonates with me is ‘Why does LGBTQ+phobia still exist?’. Michael Johnson, Socialist Party LGBTQ+ members’ group convenor, will kick off the discussion on this at Socialism 2021.

Every day when I open my Instagram feed, I immediately see news about LGBTQphobia in Britain and around the world, and ask myself why does it still happen? Why does LGBTQphobia exist at all?

People trying to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power, vandals setting on fire the monument to the victims of the shooting at the LGBTQ+ nightclub, Pulse, in the US, transphobic laws in Britain, laws about ‘LGBTQ+ propaganda’ in Russia, Hungarian anti-LGBTQ+ laws, LGBTQ+ free zones in Poland etc.

These are only the stories that I can think about off the top of my head! LGBTQ+ people are tired of feeling threatened; we are tired of not having basic human rights!

Another important topic that will be discussed at Socialism 2021 is ‘How do we take the wealth off the 1%?’ introduced by Helen Pattison, London Socialist Party secretary.

While we were, and still are, struggling financially because of the pandemic, the billionaires became richer. They pay minimum or no tax, and the law is on their side, while working-class people struggle every year.

The CEOs of giant companies are growing their wealth while abusing their workers around the globe. These people have the financial means to end world hunger and still be rich. But instead of doing this, they are playing in their sci-fi fantasies by creating over-expensive private space projects.

The existence of such a significant difference between the incomes of the working class and the wealthiest is not normal. There should be a way to change this situation.

But capitalism will not come up with a long-term solution to any of the problems humanity is facing. We need to fight for an alternative today to have hope for a tomorrow without oppression. And attending Socialism 2021 is one step to bring people together in this fight for a better future.

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