Fighting fund collection at Socialism2021. Photo: Mary Finch

Fighting fund collection at Socialism2021. Photo: Mary Finch   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Adam Harmsworth, Coventry Socialist Party

Congrats to Socialist Party members and supporters for raising 162% of the fighting fund target for 2021 – £162,000. We hit the annual fighting fund target with three months left, and then obliterated the final quarter’s target with 242%, raising over £60,000 in a quarter for the first time!

That funding comes from donations in support of our campaigns and our politics from members, plus a bigger number of people who support our work.

I know in Coventry that our Socialist Party stalls have had donations from NHS workers, especially when we’re campaigning on the issue. We also get money from working-class pensioners, and young workers and students – they often make a big donation relative to the money they have.

Workers put money towards us in the hope it will make a difference. That money goes towards vital parts of the Socialist Party’s work:

  • Running our national centre and printing press
  • Buying material for reams of leaflets, pamphlets and posters

You might be reading this and not be a member of the Socialist Party. Maybe you like something in particular that we fight on, like climate change, the NHS or LGBTQ+ rights.

First consider joining us and getting involved in this urgent work of fighting for socialism. Then, whether or not you join right away, consider giving the Socialist Party a donation as a symbol of support. Every penny goes into the struggle for socialism.