Fighting the BNP in Barnsley

SATURDAY 2 February was a good day for Barnsley. For some time reports had been heard that the far right British National Party (BNP) were holding a stall in Barnsley town centre every other Saturday. It was clear that we had to act and show a socialist alternative in this working class town. This we did.

Socialist Party members from Leeds, Doncaster, Wakefield and Sheffield all came to rally working-class support around the banner of socialism and to raise awareness against the racist BNP. Sure enough the BNP were there as well.

The public response was welcoming in most places. People told us how they wanted to see some anti-BNP alternative on the streets, as the BNP keep turning up without opposition.

A similar show of force against the continuing presence of the BNP will be held on Saturday 1 March so I urge as many people as possible to come.

Thomas Scott-Chambers