Land Registry staff vote for action

Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) members in Land Registry, the government department responsible for keeping a record of land ownership in England and Wales, have voted overwhelmingly in a consultation ballot to reject a below-inflation pay rise. It amounts to 2% for many members.

On a 61% turnout, the union’s recommendations to reject the offer were supported by between 80% and 91% of voting members on the different ballot questions. The inclusion of a divisive allowance for team leaders (funded out of the pay pot) was rejected and a demand made for payment of additional money left in the pay pot from 2006.

The PCS Land Registry group executive will now approach national PCS for authority to ballot all members for both strike action and action short of strike, co-ordinating this where possible with other areas of PCS and other public-sector unions.

PCS members and public-sector workers in general, are often presented as the cause of inflation by New Labour when, in reality, they are actually the victims of inflation. This attitude has led to unprecedented anger and willingness to take action amongst rank and file members and activists alike. There is now a belief amongst members that a well-organised, united and determined campaign can win improvements from Land Registry management.

A PCS member