Liverpool’s tale of two cities

WHILE LIVERPOOL city centre hosts over-priced ‘Capital of Culture’ events, the vast majority of people in the city have been excluded from celebrations supposedly about ‘their’ culture. That’s why over 40 people came to the ‘Alternative Capital of Culture’ debate hosted by Merseyside Campaign for a New Workers’ Party (CNWP) last weekend.

Opening the meeting, event organiser Clara Paillard explained why we launched the initiative and are organising four film showings through 2008.

Tony Mulhearn reminded the audience how 20th century Liverpool was shaped by the struggles of working-class people, not that you would know it from the official celebrations!

Local author Nicky Allt talked about the shameless financial dealings by over-paid functionaries around the Culture Company.

Many contributions were made from the audience, reflecting people’s anger at the ‘quangocracy’ who claim a monopoly on the celebrations.

Many suggestions were made about what can be done next, and the first of these could be linked with our first film showing next month. A longer article by Clara will appear on the CNWP website and in a future issue of the socialist.

Ken Loach presents his film The Flickering Flame about the 1990s dockers’ lockout on 19 March. For more on this and other events, visit or contact us via the national address: CNWP, PO Box 858, E11 1YG.

Hugh Caffrey, CNWP and Socialist Party