UNISON National Executive Council elections

Vote for a fighting, democratic NEC

THE ELECTIONS for UNISON’s National Executive Council give members
the opportunity to elect leaders who will fight for ordinary members,
putting their interests first, defending jobs, pay and conditions of
service, including pensions.

The following Socialist Party members have a proven track record of
representing and campaigning for UNISON members at branch, regional and
national levels.

They want to end the succession of poor deals with the employers,
such as the Single Status Agreement in local government, or Agenda for
Change in the NHS, which leave thousands of UNISON members worse off.

Above all they oppose the waste of millions of pounds of UNISON
members’ money on the Labour Party, and call for a ballot of all members
to see if they support continued Labour Party affiliation.

  • Additional members male seat (All members): Raph Parkinson,
    chairperson of the City of Liverpool Branch, and a member of the
  • Local Government male seat (All local government members): Glenn
    , secretary of the Bromley Branch.
  • Health service general seat (All health members): Adrian
    , chairperson of the Wakefield and Pontefract Hospitals
  • East Midlands Womens’ seat: Jean Thorpe, Social Services
    convenor in the Nottingham City Branch and a member of the NEC.
  • Greater London women’s seat: Nancy Taaffe, Joint Convenor
    of Waltham Forest Libraries department.
  • West Midlands male seat, Dave Auger, assistant branch
    secretary, Wolverhampton local government branch.
  • North West male seat: Roger Bannister, secretary of the
    Knowsley Branch and NEC member.
  • Yorkshire and Humberside women’s seat: Vicky Perrin,
    Education Steward in Calderdale Branch.
  • Yorkshire and Humberside low-paid women’s seat: Diane Shepherd,
    Education Officer in Wakefield and Pontefract Hospitals branch.