Demo opposes deportations


Demo opposes deportations

AROUND 500 people joined the demonstration called in Manchester by
unions and asylum support groups. The rally was in support of people
facing deportation – like Eucharia and Timeyi, a mother and her
six-year-old son threatened with deportation by the Home Office to
Nigeria where they are in danger of rape, torture and murder.

Ben Hannay, Manchester Socialist Party

People also came in support of Mansoor Hassan, an investigative
journalist who fled from Pakistan after he was beaten up, shot at and
his family were subject to barbiturate poisoning. This was all because
he exposed government corruption, politicians’ complicity with honour
killings, and illegal drugs-dealing.

Asylum seekers from Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria and Pakistan came on the
demo, which as one member Rob commented "seemed to get bigger as it went
along. It was a good turnout."

On 25 November and 23 December we will be demonstrating in support of
Mansoor and family outside Dallas Court detention centre in Salford.
Come along, join the protests!