Prison officers vote to strike

PRISON OFFICERS have voted to take industrial action, up to and
including a strike. 71% voted for action in an 83% turnout in the

The members of the Prison Officers Association (POA) are angry at
government interference in their pay review body, which was introduced
in 1993 when the union’s trade union rights, including the right to
strike, were removed.

The 2006 pay award of 1.6% was the final straw for the 15,000 POA
members in 132 prisons who voted for action.

POA general secretary Brian Caton told the socialist: "Even though
any strike will be illegal, our members have made it clear they won’t
allow legal niceties to get in their way in their struggle for better
pay and conditions in the prisons."

As we went to press, the POA executive committee was meeting to
consider the action.