Joint meeting inspires election fighters

LEEDS SOCIALIST Party held a successful election launch
meeting with Coventry Socialist councillor Rob Windsor speaking. This was a
joint launch meeting with the Alliance for Green Socialism (AGS), for whom
Garth Frankland, an ex-councillor, spoke.

Dave Jones, Leeds

Members from both organisations discussed the
practicalities of building in local communities, whilst aiming to build a new
mass workers’ party. Rob’s invaluable contribution discussed how Coventry’s
socialist councillors worked in the council chamber and crucially, the
importance of mobilising local communities to pressure the council.

This discussion on strategy and tactics, alongside the
lessons of Liverpool, illuminated how we can build a mass movement in the
city. It fell on fertile ground with AGS members, who have a realistic chance
of getting Garth elected this year.

The Socialist Party are standing Kevin Wilson in Beeston
and Holbeck ward and Dave Jones in City and Hunslet ward. Garth Frankland is
standing for the AGS in Chapel Allerton and they are contesting another seven
wards and standing a slate in the European elections.