Tens of thousands of people came to Manchester for Europride over the
bank holiday. From Stockholm to Stockport, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender (LGBT) and straight people gathered for the parade and party,
celebrating equality and diversity.

Socialist Party LGBT section

The Socialist Party stall gathered hundreds of signatures for our
campaign against homophobic bullying, raising £280 for the socialist
fight. But fighting politics of any sort were conspicuous by their absence
from the official corporate-connected publicity.

In the same weekend as Europride, the religious right attacked
"perverted" sex education and a conservative private school
claimed "culture is in meltdown". The government curriculum
emphasises heterosexual marriage and relegates unmarried straight and all
non-straight relationships to second-class status.

Ending divisions of gender and sexual orientation means ending the most
fundamental division of all – class division in class society. That’s why
we are socialists and why we fight for a socialist world free of
intolerance and prejudice.