We won’t work till we drop

UNISON: Nominate Roger Bannister

We won’t work till we drop

“TWO MILLION council workers have been lumbered with a pathetic pay deal for three years, now the government is making further attacks on our pension scheme.”

Glenn Kelly, branch secretary, Bromley UNISON, spoke to the socialist.

“The current proposals mean an increase in contributions equivalent to a 1% pay cut. No worker will be able to retire before they reach 65 without suffering a cut in their pension.

“The pension will only be based on basic salary, it won’t take account of overtime or weekend payments. This will affect the lowest-paid the most. For example a recent survey showed that one-third of home helps’ wages are made up of ‘premium payments’, which will be discounted in these proposals.

“It means more local government workers will be retiring in greater poverty – yet now the average pension is only £3,000 a year.”

This blatant threat to make us work until we drop needs a strong union response. But the present UNISON leadership are seen as far too close to New Labour.

These new plans make it all the more urgent that Roger Bannister, who got 32% of the vote in the 2000 elections, is nominated as the fighting candidate for the UNISON general secretary elections.

Roger is the only candidate to come out clearly for our union’s members to be balloted about continued affiliation to the Labour Party.

Nominations have to be in by 10 December.

Information to nominate Roger: he is a member of Knowsley branch, number 1318436.