Come to Socialism 2008!

Socialism 2008

Saturday 8 November – Sunday 9 November

University of London Union, Malet Street London WC1

Nearest tube: Euston or Goodge Street
Registration opens 12 noon

Rally for socialism

Saturday 8 November


Speakers include Matt Wrack (FBU general secretary) and Peter Taaffe (Socialist Party general secretary)
Euston Friends Meeting House
173 Euston Road, London

Whole weekend (£25 waged or £12 unwaged/low wage)
One day only (£15 waged or £7 unwaged/low wage)
Rally for socialism only (£5)

Sessions at Socialism 2008 will include:


  • The first and second internationals
  • The rise and fall of the Comintern
  • The fourth international and after

Fighting the far right

  • How to fight the BNP
  • What is fascism?
  • Why does racism exist?


  • Rising dragon – is China the world’s new superpower? (with Paul Mason, author of Live working, die fighting)
  • What happened at Tiananmen Square?


  • The NHS at 60
  • Fight for a new workers’ party
  • Building a fightback in the unions

The Middle East

  • Could we see another war?
  • Iranian revolution 1978-79
  • History of workers’ struggles

1968 anniversaries

  • Prague spring
  • France may days
  • The fight for civil rights in the US

Introducing socialism

  • Was Stalinism inevitable?
  • Is revolution still possible today?
  • The socialist case for nationalisation

Other sessions

  • Crash!
  • What will turmoil in the world economy mean for workers?
  • Pakistan and the permanent revolution today
  • US: does Obama’s candidacy mean the end of racism in the US?
  • Defend and extend abortion rights (with Abortion Rights and Socialist Women)
  • The great Olympic swindle: a review of Beijing and what 2012 could be like here
  • Art and revolution
  • Where now for the Bolivian revolution?
  • Is Georgia the start of a new cold war?
  • Greece: a new wave of struggle
  • Introducing Marxist philosophy
  • LGBT session: 20 years since section 28
  • Introducing Marxist economics
  • Science, Marxism and the big bang

Closing rallies

  • 70 years since the foundation of the fourth international: building a workers’ international today.
  • Building working class political representation hosted by the campaign for a new workers’ party.