Airwave jobs strike

Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) members employed by Airwave Solutions, the company responsible for providing communications for the emergency services in the UK, have voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action against proposed compulsory redundancies.

Bernard Roome, CWU national executive, personal capacity

In a ballot with over 70% of the members taking part, the ‘yes’ vote for action up to a strike was 89% and the vote for strike action was 76%.

This company is trying to use the present credit crunch to make cuts in its budget when they’re actually making a profit. They have decided to make a 10% cut to maximise profits, yet they have major contracts with ongoing funding.

The CWU is keen to get a resolution before the first 24-hour strike and an overtime ban begins on 13 March. There will be another 24-hour strike on 16 March. Both strikes will commence at 7am. The action affects 180 CWU members and will be based in Rugby.

Airwave seems to be more concerned with maximising its profits than ensuring that the emergency services are maintained within the UK.

This company is owned by the Australian finance company Macquarie. It should be in the public sector, providing a decent service. But they are clearly only interested in maximising their profits at a cost to our members’ jobs and people’s safety.