Fight Back Now!

§ £30 million for Fat Cat bankers

§ 75p increase for pensioners

Fight Back Now!

TONY BLAIR said a few weeks ago that he finds being Prime Minister “tougher than expected”. Millions of working-class people in Britain find living under Blair’s New Labour government tough too.

Pensioners, low-paid workers, disabled people, single parents, students, unemployed people and many others are at the sharp end of the Blair government’s attacks.

Pensioners are told to get by on a 75p a week increase. Single parents and disabled people get benefit cuts. Unemployed people face further harassment. Students face new fees and the end of the maintenance grant. Low-paid workers get minuscule increases in the minimum wage.

And Blair says he find it tough!

Labour are not nearly so hard on the fat cats. The super-rich have never had it so good as under Blair, increasing their fortunes by making our lives worse with no holds barred.

Banks and car bosses ratchet up their profits in ‘rip-off Britain’, New Labour does nothing to challenge it. Labour let Barclays Bank boss Matthew Barrett take home £175,000 a day while pensioners barely exist on less than £11 a day. Even government minister Jeff Rooker has to admit the injustice of the low level of state pension.

These same pensioners and poorer people will now have to make epic treks at extra cost to take their own money out of Barclays branches as Barrett closed 172 branches last week.

Get mad with the fat cats and New Labour’s soft treatment of them. The obscene wealth these people make should be taken away from them and used to begin to provide pensioners and working-class people with a better quality of life.

But get organised as well. We also need to take over the companies and industries the fat cats control and use them for working-class people’s benefit.

Join with the Socialist Party and make sure there is an alternative to the fat cats’ exploitation. Help build a socialist alternative that puts working-class people first.