Occupation in Kent

THE UNIVERSITY of Kent is implementing cuts for students by changing its examination policy.

The changes mean that, for the first time ever, almost 300 students will have to sit three, three-hour exams in one day.

The vice-chancellor, professor Robin Sibson has again put Canterbury’s conference guests before fee-paying students by fitting exams into a short periods allowing maximum income from conference guests after the students have finished.

On Wednesday 10 May, as part of SFE’s national day of action, students at the university demonstrated outside the university registry which had been closed and was manned by security guards for fear of occupation.

Students then made their way to the Senate Building where about 25 students went into occupation.

Students will remain in the building until the university reconsiders its policy on examinations.

The students’ union is organising this campaign which also calls for the vice-chancellors to promise not to introduce top-up fees.