Defend Glenn Kelly

Drop All Charges

GLENN KELLY, branch secretary of Bromley UNISON was suspended by the council on 31 July on trumped-up charges. The suspension has now been lifted but the false charges against him remain. The campaign to have all the charges dropped must continue.

Bill Mullins

Glenn was only doing his job, defending the jobs and conditions of 25 UNISON members who are night care workers in sheltered accommodation for the elderly. Bromley council admit that Glenn spoke to the elderly tenants and their relatives at their invitation, in his own time and not even on council property. The council want to cut the night care service they rely upon.

Even the local newspaper thinks that Glenn should be “commended” not disciplined for his actions. And Kathy Smith, branch chair of Bromley UNISON has written to every member listing the recent successes of campaigns run by Glenn and the branch: “Let me state quite clearly that Glenn has done nothing wrong.

“He has followed the same path that the branch always follows when jobs and services are under threat.

“That is to recognise the need to link up those whose jobs are under threat with those who stand to lose a service. The branch and particularly Glenn has a proud and successful tradition in this work over the last ten years.

“The proposal to cut domestic home help wages by 20% – defeated. The privatisation of the home help service – defeated. The privatisation of the library service – defeated. The proposal to tear up our national terms and conditions – defeated.

“I personally feel privileged to have been involved with Glenn at negotiating meetings when your jobs and conditions have been under attack. Glenn represents you tirelessly and fearlessly sometimes against the most vicious personal management style that I have ever witnessed.

“I have never seen him take a step back and think of his own position, his own livelihood or his own future job prospects. The members have been his first, second and only concern.”

The campaign continues amongst UNISON members to tell their managers that if they try to sack Glenn they will stop work immediately.

Protest to: Jeremy Ambache, Director of Social Services, Bromley council, Civic Centre, Bromley, BR1 3UH. Fax: 020 83813 4620.
Send messages of support to: Bromley UNISON, Civic Centre, Bromley. Tel: 020 83813 4405. Fax: 020 83813 4885.