Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!


JOHN MAJOR was Tory prime minister at the height of the crisis over BSE, “mad cow disease” and its human variant vCJD. His government blatantly talked down the risks of eating BSE-infected meat. They lied to defend the abattoir owners, the meat and livestock millionaires, from the consequences of their unsafe practices.

The 4,000-page Phillips report on BSE does not condemn Major. We do. He lied to defend agribusiness’ profits, now over 80 people have died from vCJD.


GERALD CORBETT, chief executive of privatised rail company Railtrack, and the rest of his board should be in the dock, charged with corporate manslaughter after the Southall, Paddington and Hatfield train crashes. Corbett claimed that privatisation would help the railways. That was a lie.

He now admits privatisation was “not designed to optimise safety.” Its priorities swelled the private companies’ profits at the cost of huge reductions in track maintenance workers and a 30% rise in broken rails.


TONY BLAIR and his New Labour government have been in office for three and a half years. They’ve covered up the Tory lies and cover-ups on BSE and continued their rail sell-offs. They’ve also kept all the Tories’ rotten pro-market, pro-big business policies.

Capitalism can only survive by lying about its lousy system. Join our fight for a socialist alternative.