Cardiff: Youth Fight for Jobs

Cardiff: Youth Fight for Jobs

Fighting job cuts

Youth Fight for Jobs members from Cardiff and the Welsh Valleys held a protest last Tuesday when Alistair Darling came to Cardiff to announce cuts in public spending. We demanded free education and for money to be invested in creating jobs for young people. Nearly one million young people are estimated to be unemployed in Britain, South Wales being particularly badly hit.

We also opposed Darling’s audacity in implementing further ‘soft’ cuts, while the bosses continue to live lives largely unaffected by the recession – creaming off bonuses – while more and more workers are made redundant.

At the protest the angry atmosphere was quite contagious, with the security guards joining in chants such as ‘make the bosses take the losses’!

Two members gave interviews to the BBC news, expressing their fury at the cuts. Although Alistair Darling was too cowardly to show his face, there is no doubt that the message was put across.

This demonstration showed that the youth will fight back and are not prepared to be complacent in any way.

Lana Morgan