Vote For A Socialist Alternative

Fed Up With Labour’s Empty Promises?

Vote For A Socialist Alternative

LABOUR still haven’t delivered on their previous unambitious election pledges but they now want us to swallow five new key pledges in good faith. After four years in power many working-class people know Labour won’t deliver but want an alternative.

Hundreds of socialist candidates are putting a working-class socialist alternative to Labour’s empty promises.


Labour says it will keep the pensioners’ winter fuel payment and raise the minimum wage to £4.20.

Socialists will fight for a £7 an hour minimum wage, a 35-hour week, for an immediate 50% increase in pensions, and a £280 a week minimum income for all.


Labour says it wants 10,000 extra teachers and higher standards in schools.

Socialists campaign for free, good quality education for all from nursery to university with a living grant. This means providing many more full-time teachers, with shorter working hours and lower class sizes than Labour’s plans allow for. We also say tuition fees should be abolished now.


Labour pledges 20,000 more nurses and 10,000 extra doctors in a reformed NHS.

Socialists argue for an immediate £20 billion cash injection into the NHS to make it free at the point of use and rebuild it under democratic public control. Labour is not even promising for the new nursing posts to be full-time positions.

Inner city poverty

Labour wants 6,000 more police to tackle drugs and crime.

Socialists say use that money to provide proper jobs for young people and rebuild run-down inner-city areas. End police harassment and bring them under democratic local control.

The future

Labour wants to deliver economic stability with low mortgages, low inflation and no return to boom and bust.

Socialists want a socialist society and economy run to meet the needs of all while protecting the environment. This means taxing the wealthy and big business while taking into public ownership the top 150 companies that dominate the economy under democratic working-class control and management.

Join us and campaign for Socialist Party, Socialist Alliance and Scottish Socialist Party candidates. Every vote for them shows Blair’s New Labour how much working-class people are looking for a Socialist Alternative to Labour’s pitiful pledges.