Women fed up of ‘hard’ Labour

A YOUNG Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) survey says that one-third of women aged 18-30 probably won’t vote in the general election. 41% of the women questioned said they “believe that they (politicians) do not listen to their views.”

Clare James

As the YWCA’s director pointed out: “Young women want the issues that matter to them addressed. They are keen to see real improvements in their quality of life.”

This survey’s results are no surprise considering what young women suffer. The New Labour government’s attacks on working-class people have hit hard at women.

Benefits for single parents (still predominantly women) have been cut, so childcare is even more out of reach for working-class women with children.

On average women are paid 20% less than men, are concentrated in low-paid service sector jobs and are under-represented at higher levels of the workplace.

Young working-class women still suffer because of views, put forward by the media and capitalism, about women’s position in society, and how women ‘should’ look.

Women bear the brunt of child care and domestic work. This unpaid labour creates huge wealth for capitalism by under-paying and over-working women in the workplace and at home.

Many women rightly see no solution in mainstream political parties who support the exploitation and support women and men being divided.

But where you can vote for a socialist alternative, do so and get active with the Socialist Party.

We fight for an end to this system that exploits women and divides people down the lines of sex, race, religion, nationality etc for greed and profit.

And after the election we’ll keep on fighting for socialism and for real equality for women.