Nellist launches Socialist Alliance manifesto

DAVE NELLIST, Socialist Party councillor and national chair of the Socialist Alliance, along with other Socialist Alliance prospective parliamentary candidates, presented the Alliance’s manifesto outside Millbank Tower – the HQ of New Labour – on Wednesday 16 May.

A truck with a poster saying “people not profit” appeared at the manifesto launch.

A brief interview with Dave on the Alliance’s electoral prospects went out on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour last Sunday.

The Socialist Alliance is fielding around 90 candidates in England. And combined with the Welsh Socialist Alliance and the Scottish Socialist Party is standing in about 170 constituencies. The Socialist Alliance election broadcast goes out on 22 May.

Brian Kelly’s campaign in Dulwich, south London received a boost when ex-Monty Python star Terry Jones donated £600 to the Socialist Alliance – as opposed to the popular front for the Socialist Alliance!