Bristol election campaigning
Bristol election campaigning

Isai Priya and Chris Newby, Socialist Party finance organisers

“Why should I vote? What difference would it make? They are all the same.” These were some of the questions that we had canvassing for Dave Nellist in the Birmingham Erdington by-election.

Members of the Socialist Party, part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), have talked to thousands of people in Erdington. Through the fog of disillusionment and demoralisation, socialist ideas and an alternative to the capitalist politicians have inspired many to say that they will come out and vote for Socialist Party member Dave Nellist, standing on a worker’s wage.

We are having a discussion on the doors about building a political voice for the working class. TUSC will be standing hundreds of candidates in the May local elections. Imagine how many thousands more conversations we will be able to have, and how many more people we can convince that there is an alternative.

An important part of these election campaigns is making sure we are armed financially to have the resources to mass produce leaflets, posters, placards and banners, etc to spread our socialist message as widely as possible.

The Socialist Party is a party rooted in the working class. Our financial support comes from campaigning on the streets as well as donations from our members and supporters.

A big part of this quarter’s fighting fund is going to be for our election campaigns. Reaching our fighting fund target is essential to make sure that we have funds to seize the opportunities. 

That is why we are asking all Socialist Party members and supporters to donate. No matter what the size of the donation, every pound counts.

We are currently on 33% of our target. The quarter ends on 31 March. So fundraising needs to be stepped up straightaway.

We are asking every member to think about what else they can do to help reach our target. Can you help out on an extra campaign stall? Can you organise a fundraising meal or film night?

Can you sell some items either through a car boot sale or on eBay? Do you know someone who would make a donation?

The more members and supporters raise, the more resources we will have to make these anti-cuts election campaign as successful as possible.