Coventry bin workers' on strike
Coventry bin workers' on strike

Coventry bin lorry drivers are on strike against the Labour council to demand pay parity with other local authorities. Two of the strike leaders spoke to Coventry Socialist Party member Dave Griffiths about why they’ve joined the Socialist Party.

Haydn Jones, Unite convenor, Whitley depot:

I’ve ripped up my Labour Party card. I’d given my loyalty to Labour for years, but they haven’t given us any. They’re just like the Tories, not listening but telling.

I realised that Labour is ‘Labour’ in name only, and do not represent people like me who are working class. They are a party I don’t recognise.

The only party I can see that is anything like what I want is the Socialist Party, a party that represents working people. The Socialist Party welcomed me – warts and all – with genuine open arms.

Pete Randle, Unite deputy convenor, Whitley depot:

I’ve followed politics for some time, and have always cast my vote for Labour. I thought I always would.

However, times now have taken a dramatic turn in politics for working-class people. I personally have been part of the HGV bin drivers’ dispute in Coventry, and attacked by a Labour council.

This isn’t what Labour was founded for. It was always to protect the working class in society. Labour have since become the Tory ‘B’ team. It was spouted a few weeks ago: “Labour is under new management”. I’m not down for that personally.

What I am down for is a party that fights for no cuts and supports the working class. A party that doesn’t bow down to big businesses, as part of its own agenda, and led by fat cats.

I’m a trade unionist and support the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) movement as well as socialist values.