How would we pay for all this?

Socialist Party manifesto 2010

How would we pay for all this?

Waltham Forest Socialist Party campaign on bankers' bonuses and bailout, photo Senan

Waltham Forest Socialist Party campaign on bankers’ bonuses and bailout, photo Senan

The top politicians and fat cats would have us believe that socialist policies are unrealistic and unaffordable. But there is more than enough wealth and potential wealth in society to bring in the policies we have outlined.
The 100 richest individuals in the UK have a combined personal wealth of over £250 billion. Just £90 billion of this would solve the so-called ‘structural deficit’ of the UK at a stroke.

Big business would squeal that they could never afford to pay so much, but they are happy that we should pay – with longer working hours, worse working conditions and cuts in public services. It is the logic of the market – of capitalism – that dictates that cuts in public services and workers’ living conditions are the only way forward. But we do not accept the logic of a system that is driven by profit and greed rather than meeting people’s needs.

The Socialist Party is fighting for every possible improvement in working-class people’s lives. The last year has shown that where workers fight back, victories can be won.

Nonetheless, we recognise that under this profit-hungry capitalist system, we will always face a constant struggle to defend and improve our living conditions. That is why we fight for socialist change.