Valeo strike photo Iain Dalton
Valeo strike photo Iain Dalton

Maurice Cooper, York Socialist Party

Valeo sweet factory workers in York walked out on 21 March. A GMB union organiser said: “GMB members never make the decision to take industrial action lightly. However, as inflation and the cost of living soar, our members have been left with choosing whether to buy food or heat their homes.

“Valeo is profitable thanks to the hard work and commitment of our members, and they deserve to have this recognised through decent rates of pay and having the terms and conditions respected.

“Instead, Valeo chooses to offer our members a derisory below-inflation two-year pay deal, reduce annual leave and overtime premiums, and attack their right to organise for better pay and conditions through the GMB as their trade union.”  

“This is an absolute kick in the teeth for a workforce that bent over backwards to keep the supply chain going right throughout the pandemic.” Workers in other sites around the country also face derecognition of the GMB by Valeo.