Unison service group executive elections

We need action to fight the cost-of-living crisis!

Unison must take the lead – build a cross-union campaign for a pay rise and to stop cuts and privatisation

Socialist Party members in Unison

Bills are skyrocketing, council tax and national insurance are going up, and yet the rich are getting richer! After ten years of austerity, with the previous Unison leadership failing to defend jobs, pay and services, in last year’s national executive (NEC) elections members voted for change. The new left leadership must prepare urgently to mobilise the membership to fight the cost-of-living crisis, and put forward a serious strategy to fight for the NHS and council services – including supporting ‘no-cuts’ councillors.

Local government

Unison members rightly fear a continued threat to jobs and pay, as well as the services provided, despite having given so much during the pandemic. That is why it is key to organise to defend any attack on members’ jobs, wages and conditions.

Unison must demand that Labour authorities refuse to implement more cuts and instead, set budgets to meet the needs of the people they are elected to serve. Council reserves have incredibly gone up from £19 billion in 2019 to £29 billion in 2021! So councils can definitely refuse to implement the predicted £3 billion shortfall.

And if Labour councils won’t stand up for us then members will rightly ask why are we handing them £3 million a year of members’ money? We need councillors willing to fight the Tories not act like them, and if they won’t fight, the union should change its rules to allow us to back anti-cuts candidates who will.


Covid exposed the crisis in the NHS that has been present since the start of austerity in 2010.

On pay, with inflation heading towards double figures, the Tories’ paltry 3% NHS pay offer 2021 and 2022 is a massive pay cut after a decade of wage restraint. Members of health unions including Unison voted to reject last year’s pay award and were prepared to take action. Unison members voted 77% in favour of sustained industrial action and the union must now move to a formal industrial action ballot if there is not a significant pay rise for all staff in the NHS.

The union must also fight against privatisation and Tory attacks on the NHS. We need a fully funded, democratically run NHS and care system!

Vote for:

Health seats

  • Adrian O’Malley (Yorkshire)
  • John Malcolm (Northern region)
  • Brian Loader (East Midlands)

Local government seats

  • Angie Waller (Yorkshire)

Steve Bell (South East Health), Mark Evans (Wales Local Government) and Helen Couchman (South East Community) have all been elected unopposed