Council perks amidst Covid-austerity

Rob Shelley, Stafford

I am so pleased that in these cash-strapped times of Covid-austerity to hear of the obscene pay packets that some of the executives at Staffordshire County Council have been enjoying!

In a recent article, my local paper – The Staffordshire Newsletter – revealed that council chief exec John Henderson trousered £203,375 in 2020-21.

This included a £15,000 ‘bonus’. At that time, many in the county were in massive debt, and suffering job losses, and cuts to services. 

The deputy – who is also director of families and communities – pocketed £195,994, which included expenses and pension.

Between them, this amounts to almost £400,000, and that is just two that we know about!

It shows the sheer inequality of the capitalist system when a couple of people in the county can gain so much when so many are losing so much!

Staffordshire County Council has a Tory majority, but there are many reports of Labour-run council executives elsewhere netting massive salaries too. It’s time to build a new party that acts in the interests of ordinary working people rather than greedy fat cats!