Campaigning in Wellingborough photo Timea Kun
Campaigning in Wellingborough photo Timea Kun

Timea Kun, Northampton Socialist Party

The Socialist Party’s second week campaigning in Wellingborough, and the payoff is instantaneous. Unsurprisingly, the thoughts and feelings aired were the exact same as those we hear every week when we campaign in Northampton, as I’m sure we all hear across the country: big bosses and the Tory government are not doing enough for us, and we won’t take it anymore.

Whether it was energy bills, childcare costs, the clear distinction between workers and bosses, both in attitude and pay, the struggles are the same across the board. Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ scandal also cropped up a few times. I don’t think his attempt to bury the scandal worked too well here.

There was consistent interest in our campaign stall on the cost-of-living crisis throughout the day; there wasn’t even the need for us to call out from the campaign stall that much.

It was really encouraging to see a variety of ages and communities take an interest. This is definitely an area we will be revisiting. There’s room for a successful Socialist Party branch here. I feel it in my bones.