Socialist Party members on the vigil. Photo: James Ivens
Socialist Party members on the vigil. Photo: James Ivens

Anixa Patel, East London Socialist Party

The brutal murder of Zara Aleena is really scary for all women’s safety and shows up the faults in the system. We all know that street safety measures like lighting, housing and public transport have been cut. The police don’t protect us, mental healthcare is in crisis, and more.

The Socialist Party joined the vigil for Zara outside Stratford station on 1 July. Another was held on 2 July in Ilford.

Our placards demanded: “End violence against women.” Many took our leaflets calling for reversing austerity that has cut safety and fighting capitalism that is based on inequality.

We chatted with some of the organisers. One woman has a campaign about local buses.

Cuts to routes mean that changing from one to another late at night forces passengers to walk through a dangerous unlit area. Adding a couple of stops onto the first route would solve the problem – but that means challenging the Labour council’s austerity. East London Socialist Party will be supporting this campaign.

When I’m coming out from my house or anywhere else, I should be safe and secure. What happened to Zara must be stopped from happening to other women.