In London on the Youth Fight for Jobs day of marches, 9.10.21, photo Mary Finch
In London on the Youth Fight for Jobs day of marches, 9.10.21, photo Mary Finch

Callum Joyce, Oxford Socialist Party

On 13 August, students and young workers in the Socialist Party will be organising across the country to fight back against the cost-of-living crisis and the dismal prospects available to young people.

In Oxford we will be running a campaign stall to discuss with local working-class people and students and help spread the message around the need for young people to fight for a better future than is currently on offer under capitalism.

It is important that other young people and workers don’t just agree with our ideas, but that they also get organised themselves and join in a united struggle for better pay, working conditions, and housing.

As inflation continues to rise and people struggle to pay their food and fuel bills, it is obvious that working-class people need a minimum wage of at least £15 an hour, with no exemptions.

If young people do the same work they should get the same rate! And we need pay rises at least in line with inflation.

Unfortunately, our local Labour council has abandoned the working-class people that brought it to power and only calls for a living wage of £10.50 an hour locally.

This is common throughout the country, and is more evidence that Labour provides no alternative to Tory cuts and austerity.

There is a clear need for new political representation – a new mass workers party that will fight for socialist policies.

If you are a young person and want to fight for a better future join us. Let’s build a mass campaign across the country to fight for a decent standard of living for all people and for the socialist transformation of society to end this system of poverty and exploitation.