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The Socialist 17 June 2020

Capitalism = inequality. Fight for socialism!

The Socialist issue 1091

Which way forward for Black Lives Matter protests?

Oppose racist symbols and the racist system

Capitalism = inequality. Fight for socialism!

Black Lives Matter: more youth protests take aim at capitalism

Contact tracing fiasco: You can't believe a word the government tells us

Youth without a future: fight for jobs and homes - fight for socialism!

Resist relaxation of Sunday trading laws

Debenham's protests: Workers must not pay price of Covid-19

Battle with BT management needed to win real pay rise

Tories retreat on free school meals

Parents' protests against Welsh schools reopening

Cumbria: Teachers, parents and socialists fight reckless school reopening

Tears and anger over the treatment of the Windrush generation

Film: Da 5 Bloods - entertaining but politically constrained

Why we joined the Socialist Party

20 days. One town. Four domestic violence murders.

Fight for a socialist future!

Reform or revolt? How was the slave trade abolished?

Scotland and coronavirus - a catalogue of government failure

Three years on: No justice for Grenfell, no peace from BLM

Two-metre rule under 'review' - Another case of profit before safety

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The Socialist 17 June 2020, Capitalism = inequality. Fight for socialism!



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