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Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Capitalism = inequality. Fight for socialism!

Audio files for The Socialist issue 1091, 17 June 2020

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01 Editorial of the Socialist issue 1091 Which way.mp3

02 Oppose racist symbols and the racist system Tom.mp3

03 Capitalism = inequality Fight for socialism! So.mp3

04 Black Lives Matter more youth protests take aim.mp3

05 Hull While we’re fighting each other, the.mp3

06 Leeds I want to join the Socialists! There was.mp3

07 Huddersfield queues to hear from Socialists.mp3

07 Reading justice means jobs and homes Forbury.mp3

08 Richmond, North Yorkshire racists ignored Local.mp3

08 Wales racism isn’t random Demonstrations were.mp3

09 Coronavirus Contact tracing fiasco You can’t.mp3

09 Newcastle far right outnumbered Up to 500 were.mp3

10 Youth without a future fight for jobs and homes -.mp3

11 A socialist charter for young people No to job.mp3

12 Resist relaxation of Sunday trading laws – retail.mp3

13 Amy Murphy, Usdaw president (personal capacity).mp3

14 Debenham’s protests Workers must not pay price.mp3

15 Battle with BT management needed to win real pay.mp3

16 Tories retreat on free school meals – the more we.mp3

17 Parents’ protests against Welsh schools reopening.mp3

18 Cumbria Teachers, parents and socialists fight.mp3

19 TV drama Sitting in Limbo Tears and anger over.mp3

20 Film Da 5 Bloods – entertaining but politically.mp3

21 Why we joined the Socialist Party I want a party.mp3

22 20 days One town Four domestic violence murders.mp3

23 Fight for a socialist future! Pete Mason,.mp3

24 Reform or revolt How was the slave trade.mp3

25 Scotland and coronavirus – a catalogue of.mp3

26 Celebrating a decade of building a fighting,.mp3

27 Readers’ opinion Three years on No justice for.mp3

28 Readers’ opinion Two-metre rule under ‘review’ -.mp3

29 The Socialist inbox Young footballers speak for.mp3

30 Beautiful mural destroyed by Blairite austerity.mp3

31 Capitalism conscience What’s this, capitalism.mp3

32 Ten years prison I didn’t think there was much.mp3

33 ‘Peaceably if we may, forcibly if we must’.mp3

34 What the Socialist Party stands for The.mp3

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