The Socialist

The Socialist 7 July 2000


Labour's Poverty Scandal

DETR staff fight performance pay: Dump Divide and Rule

Successful launch for Cuba book

Tackling Deaf People's Oppression

Copeland - questions that need answers


Your Genes in capitalism's hands

Isreal: Yedioth newspaper lockout


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The Socialist 7 July 2000, 165

spotLabour's Poverty Scandal

... As Rich Parasites Prosper EVEN LABOUR'S tame backbench MPs were upset when their party's spin doctors tried to hide from them the cuts they were making in the Health Action Zones (HAZs) budgets...

spotDETR staff fight performance pay: Dump Divide and Rule

PCS UNION members in Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) are having a day of action on 12 July against performance-related pay (PRP), writes Mark Baker, PCS DETR (personal capacity).

spotSuccessful launch for Cuba book

SOCIALIST PARTY general secretary Peter Taaffe launched his new book about Cuba at a 40-strong public meeting in Hammersmith, west London on 29 June...

spotTackling Deaf People's Oppression

THE YEAR 2001 will be the European Union's European Year of Language, but how will it be marked by the British government in respect of the UK's fourth indigenous language, the language of the Deaf community, British Sign Language (BSL), writes Anne Darby, Nottingham.

spotCopeland - questions that need answers

A HUGE sigh of relief went up when the jury's verdict was announced against David Copeland. The man who planted nail bombs in Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho last year had not got away with pleading diminished...


A FEW years ago to be "Folletted" meant to be groomed for success in the modernised New Labour Party. Central to this was the role of Labour's Golden Couple Ken and Barbara Follett...

spotYour Genes in capitalism's hands

BILL CLINTON and Tony Blair hailed the rough draft of the entire human genetic code as "the most wondrous map ever produced by human kind", writes Bill North.

spotIsreal: Yedioth newspaper lockout

Workers betrayed but not defeated: YEDIOTH WORKERS returned to work after a bitter three weeks of struggle. Management failed in their plans to destroy the workers' organisation. Unfortunately, an agreement signed by the Histadruth [trade...