The Socialist

The Socialist 8 September 2000

Labour let rich run riot

Labour Let Rich Run Riot

Defend the right to Asylum

Defend Glenn Kelly

The Police's racist agenda

Labour's new threat to campaigners

Michael Davis, of the M25 Three, speaks to The Socialist

Mobilising to stop Nazi terror in Germany

French Lesson to TUC

Peugeot workers say: "Reclaim the union"

Scottish council workers' strike


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The Socialist 8 September 2000, Labour let rich run riot

spotLabour Let Rich Run Riot

THE NEW Labour government has let the wealth divide in Britain run riot. Even our normally subservient union leaders can sense the rising anger at this and say they will attack the government for letting...

spotDefend the right to Asylum

ON CHRISTMAS eve 1999, when most youngsters were awaiting a visit from Santa, five-year-old Patrick received a visit from a Home Office official who handed him a deportation notice...

spotDefend Glenn Kelly

GLENN KELLY, branch secretary of Bromley UNISON was suspended by the council on 31 July on trumped-up charges, writes Bill Mullins.

spotThe Police's racist agenda

THE NOTTING Hill Carnival has become the latest battleground in the Metropolitan police's media war against the Black community...

spotLabour's new threat to campaigners

ANIMAL RIGHTS activists are being targeted by police and politicians, who are threatening a clampdown on their activities, writes Molly Cooper.

spotMichael Davis, of the M25 Three, speaks to The Socialist

IN JULY, the Court of Appeal quashed the convictions of Raphael Rowe, Michael Davis and Randolph Johnson, the M25 Three...

spotMobilising to stop Nazi terror in Germany

THE TRIAL of three Neo-Nazis, who had beaten and kicked Alberto Adriano to death, has ended with their conviction and sentences ranging from 16 years to life...

spotFrench Lesson to TUC

AS DELEGATES to the Trades Union Congress prepare to go to this year's conference, a leader of the French fishermen's blockade reportedly said: "If we don't take this action, people will walk over us - but we cannot allow this to happen, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party Industrial Organiser.

spotPeugeot workers say: "Reclaim the union"

PEUGEOT MANAGEMENT have made their third 'final' offer to workers at the Ryton plant, near Coventry...

spotScottish council workers' strike

THE STRIKE by UNISON members in Scotland's local councils on 29 August was absolutely solid. All services apart from emergency cover were severely disrupted and over 90% of members took part in the action...