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The Socialist 29 June 2001

Stop Privatisation

Stop Privatisation

Unity To Drive Out Fascists!

Deeds Not Words Needed To Stop Privatisation

Rebuild Pride's Fighting Traditions

Inside Britain's Secret State: Interview with David Shayler

Uprising In Algeria


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The Socialist 29 June 2001, Stop Privatisation

spotStop Privatisation

Trade Unions Tell Labour...: SOCIALIST PARTY member Glenn Kelly successfully moved a resolution at UNISON's national conference last week, committing the union to a review of its political links with New Labour, writes No union cash for Labour's job cutters.

spotUnity To Drive Out Fascists!

LAST WEEKEND, there were successive nights of serious fighting in Burnley, Lancashire, apparently triggered by an argument over noise at a party, writes a member of Youth against Racism in Europe (YRE).

spotDeeds Not Words Needed To Stop Privatisation

IN RECENT weeks, union conferences - the communication workers and UNISON - learned 'think tanks' and statistics galore have piled up a crushing case against privatisation...

spotRebuild Pride's Fighting Traditions

IN FOUR years Labour has only delivered two major reforms on gay rights - an equal age of consent, and lifting the ban on gay people in the military, writes Lionel Wright, Socialist Party Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Group.

spotInside Britain's Secret State: Interview with David Shayler

Shayler's stand: DAVID SHAYLER is a former MI5 agent who left its pay in 1997 saying that MI5 and MI6 had been involved in an attempted assassination of Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi in 1996...

spotUprising In Algeria

ALGERIA'S SHADOWY regime - le pouvoir - has been rocked by the largest mass protests for over a decade, writes Manny Thain.