The Socialist

The Socialist 2 November 2001

Stop The War

Organise Now To Stop The War

Glasgow medical secretaries: Victory Over Low Pay

A Disastrous War and a Dubious Peace

The Deadly Legacy Of Imperialism

Socialist Alliance Future At Stake

ISR Rally: Fighting For A Socialist Future

Why The IRA Decomissioned


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The Socialist 2 November 2001, Stop The War

spotOrganise Now To Stop The War

SOME POLITICIANS and military leaders now think that Bush and Blair's war against Afghanistan could last for years...

spotGlasgow medical secretaries: Victory Over Low Pay

STRIKING MEDICAL secretaries in Glasgow have won a massive victory for low paid NHS workers. Medical secretaries in North Glasgow Hospitals UNISON branch have been taking industrial action since the beginning...

spotA Disastrous War and a Dubious Peace

What We Say: THE CATALOGUE of disasters and mistakes in the war in Afghanistan is mounting daily. While some military chiefs and politicians have tried to put a positive spin on the campaign so far, others have had...

spotThe Deadly Legacy Of Imperialism

BUSH AND Blair's war in Afghanistan has encountered mass popular opposition in many parts of the Muslim world...

spotSocialist Alliance Future At Stake

IN JUST four weeks time, on 1 December, the Socialist Alliance will meet in London to decide its future structure, writes Clive Heemskerk, Socialist Alliance national executive member.

spotISR Rally: Fighting For A Socialist Future

THE CLOSING rally of Socialism 2001 was hosted by International Socialist Resistance (ISR). It was an exciting finale to what had been a very inspiring weekend of socialism discussion and debate...

spotWhy The IRA Decomissioned

THE IRA decommissioned or "put beyond use" a quantity of its weapons last week in a bid to save the Northern Ireland Assembly and the 'peace process', writes Niall Mulholland..