The Socialist

The Socialist 23 November 2006

Public health not private profit

Public health not private profit

Nurses against 'natural wastage'

Swansea says no closures

Ipswich campaign saves nurses' jobs

Pensioners lead the way

Socialism 2006 main rally

Films show a world of rising struggles

Socialist Party youth rally

Socialism 2006: a great success

Collection a big success

Socialism 2006 closing rally: defend the NHS

Sri Lanka

Stop the fat cats! No to Cutbacks! Fight tuition fees!

Marxism in Today's World

Can Labour be reclaimed?

Homelessness: Privatising the problem

Worldwide protests at MP's murder

Leicester protest

Thatcher's monetarist guru dies

Prodi government under siege

US rages but Ortega's victory is no revolution

Queen's speech says 'work till you drop'

Lincoln organises against the far right

Local government pensions: We're no April fools!

Disciplinary action against UNISON secretary

JJB Sports workers score a victory

Fujitsu on strike


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