The Socialist

The Socialist 14 February 2008

Stop NHS privatisation now!

Stop NHS privatisation now!

Birmingham council workers' biggest strike for decades

'Single status' in the West Midlands

Bosses prepare to force through more cuts

Newham workers angry at councillors

Uni Fees must be fought!

Feature: The great university swindle

War and occupation in Iraq

Defend abortion rights

Millionaire welcomes economic recession!

Northern Rock

Liverpool's tale of two cities

Cardiff marches to save schools

100 people pack London world economy meeting

Cuts and backlogs cause delays

Tangled web at Metronet

Polish miners gain strike victory due to iron determination

Chad conflict - part of a wider power struggle

Prison officers: Fighting for trade union rights

Building the Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Comment: Opportunist blunder further splits Church of England

Land Registry staff vote for action

London Underground: Strike ballot in safety row

Campaign Against Climate Change trade union conference

Organise and fight back!

Shelter staff ballot for action


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