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18 January 2007

International Rally 27 January

Fighting for a socialist world

A GREAT international rally on Saturday 27 January in central London will feature leading fighters from around the world speaking about the struggles against poverty, war and exploitation, and the struggle for a socialist alternative.

Hear eyewitness reports on:

These speakers are leading participants in these struggles - workers and socialist fighters. And the meeting will discuss the fight to change the world, and put the case for a socialist alternative.

The rally is organised by the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) - a world socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated. The CWI organises in 40 different countries. It will be a brilliant opportunity to hear from some of the participants in the recent CWI World Congress.


Rukhsana Manzoor - Socialist Movement, Pakistan

Nimila Shetty - New Socialist Alternative, India

Siritunga Jaysuriya - United Socialist Party and presidential candidate in 2005 elections, Sri Lanka.

Andre Ferrari - P-Sol executive committee and Socialismo Revolucionario, Brazil.

Johan Rivas - Socialismo Revolucionario, Venezuela.

Segun Aderemi - Democratic Socialist Movement, Nigeria.

Hannah Sell - Socialist Party, England and Wales.

Peter Taaffe - CWI.

Chaired by Tony Saunois, secretary CWI.

Come along yourself and invite everyone else you can think of, including fellow campaigners, trade union members, workmates and students. Give out leaflets at your work or college Take leaflets and posters to local community centres - especially any Latin American, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani or Nigerian community centres.

To get supplies of leaflets and posters ring Chris or Paula on 0208 8988 8777.

Rally to Unite the Globe - Struggles for a Socialist World

Saturday 27 January 2007 at 6.45pm

Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Entrance 3 waged and 2 unwaged/low waged