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5 October 2016

Worcester: Public meeting discusses Corbyn

If Labour split, can Corbyn win? This is what Worcestershire Socialist Party members discussed at our well attended public meeting on 29 September. Our guest speaker was Dave Nellist, former Labour MP and Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) councillor in Coventry.

Dave pointed out that Corbyn received 313,209 votes in his second Labour leadership victory, which begs the question, what would the numbers have been without the exclusions of members and union affiliates etc?

Dave argued that the attacks by the Blairites are far from over. He also touched on how TUSC and the trade unions can play a role in Labour's structure. In the discussion, views were raised ranging from the closing of various local services, the lack of council housing, a federal Labour structure and also how will the Socialist Party fit in with Labour with Corbyn as leader.

Calvin Fowler, Worcestershire Socialist Party